Constant movement has led us to reinvent ourselves and deliver 3PL and 4PL Solutions to our customers, so that logistics can connect every pillar within the value chain we have created.

Always looking forward to identify new routes and key alliances.

Alliera has joined forces with strategic partners to multiply creativity and offer shared value.”

About Us

Alliera comes from an evolution in CEMEX Logistic Services, a business unit with more than 10 years into service that nowadays operates within the Urban Solutions Vice-presidency in the company.

Working under clear priorities that drive our constant transformation such as: Health & Safety, Customer focus, Innovation, Growth and Sustainability.


Impact awareness

We’re aware of the impact we have by being an element of the supply chain events that connects to reach the desired future we have planned for.

Developing optimal and integrated 4PL and 3PL logistic solutions

through our own and shared assets leads us to achieve these expected results.

Question, propose and renovate

Collaboration is key to reach a desired goal, that’s why we’re constantly reinventing logistics as we know it.

Build, cocreate and lead:

The connection between big leaders creates long-term communities to reach a desired future and goal.

Representative offices in Mexico:

Monterrey, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Manzanillo, Veracruz, Mérida and Mexico City.


Representative offices in United States:

Texas, Florida and California.


Representative offices in Canada:

Diverse strategic alliances.




Logistic Services Consulting


Transportation and manoeuvres


End-to-end logistics


Supply chain management

Infrastructure and operative excellence +Coordination in logistic processes+Supply chain expertise

Key elements:

Set technology and training as a core pillar within the value proposition.

Deliver end to end solutions in the supply chain.

Create value in our customers' business.

Turn into a strategic ally for every customer.

We have experience in multiple industries, building impactful business relationships and developing a wide expertise in each of them, such as: Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Construction & Metals and Industrial Waste.


Chemical and petrochemical


Oil & Gas


Industrial waste


Construction and metals


Business partners


Strategic locations


Railway spurs

Success case

International service United States to Mexico

First mile delivery, railway logistics and gasses transfer

Houston, Texas to Hermosillo, Sonora

Logistic coordination and hazardous materials transfer


Plant shutdowns and saturation load on site.

Lack of infrastructure close to the site.

Logistics dependency on land.

Integral Solution

Point-to-point transportation - first mile delivery, railway management, maneuvers transfers and additional services.

Infrastructure enablement in a new site.

Logistic management from the United States to Mexico.

In-transit inventory control.


Record time implementation.

One single point of contact for the whole operation.

Multi-destination enablement.

Volume variation flexibility.


Strategic location and better cost on first mile delivery.

Installed capacity growth.

Downsizing on railway logistics delays.

Compliance in hazardous material management.

Distribution cycle time reduction.


Mexican market opening for products distribution.

Strong competition within local and Asian suppliers.

Integral Solution

Specialized services for hazardous materials reception, storage and shipping.

Railway equipment control and storage.

Land road delivery to the final user.

A 17,000 m² operative area enablement.

Intermodal operation management with waterway connection.


Safety and security compliance.

Local supplier intake and development.

Hazardous materials responsible management.

Continuous improvement implementation.

Emergencies quick response team development.


Security and incidents downsizing.

Efficiency in the multimodal transportation circuit.

75% reduction in environmental operative impact.

Reduction in labor and administrative load in Mexico.

Local and international certification collection.

Working with Alliera guarantees an ally for your business:

Strategic ally with a wide experience on supply chain.

Own and third-party resources availability through key partners in multiple industries.

Agility and quality in solutions implementation alongside CEMEX expertise.

Ability to integrate operative and strategic solutions into your own supply chain.

Visibility in all project phases.



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